Please pray I will be going to rehab soon. I am super scared but I know it’s for the best.

Just got out of the hospital for a sucide attempt.

Please play. I am going to a rehab have for help. I am a little scared but I am happy to go.

Wish me luck.

Ed Edd N Eddy: The (Dark) Meaning Behind The Show


The cul-de-sac that all the children live in is really purgatory, meaning all the children are dead.

Rolf: he was the farmer’s son, lived in the early 1900’s, was trampled to death by a bull

Jonny: he was a lonely child, his only friend was a wooden board named Plank, lived in the 1920’s, died from an outbreak of tuberculosis

Eddy: he was a swindler, lived in the Great Depression, died by drowning in a lake while trying to escape from a group of kids he gypped

Sarah & Ed: siblings that grew up during WWII, their father had died in the war while the mother struggled at work, died in a car wreck on their way to visit their grandparents

Nazz: she was a hippie/flower child, lived in the late 60’s, a serial killer had escaped from an insane asylum and broke into her house and raped and killed her and her family

Edd: he was a son of two professors, lived in the 80’s, died in an explosion from an experiment gone wrong

Kevin: he came from a broken home, lived in the 90’s, beaten to death by his father in a drunken rage

Jimmy: he was diagnosed with leukemia, lived in the early 2000’s, died after a long battle with leukemia

The Kanker Sisters: children of demons, sent from hell to torture the children, became strangely attracted to the Ed’s


Ben being adorable on “Katie”(This started as a nose crunch themed gifset but he’s so adorable in this interview that I ended up with 10 gifs.)




Look how cute he gets when he talks about his godson :)

The Confessions of Benedict Cumberbatch (x)

Making of Little Favour - Interview (x)


*poof* ovaries gone.